Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Mothers Day.

Today in Great Britain, its mothers day, mid way through Lent, halfway to Easter! It is also the first day that I have been able to hang out my washing and get it dry! The sun is out and you can't beat the sight of clean fresh bedding blowing in the breeze on the washing line!! I love this quilt cover, its antique really, I made a patchwork quilt about 15 years ago and attached it to the old quilt cover. Its great for the colder months as its quite heavy and warm. I made around 5
of them, all different colours and patterns. I was recycling long before it was fashionable to do so!!

When I got up I was greeted with a a bunch of orange roses, which are my favourites! I also was given home made cards, a beautiful photo frame and a boxed set of desperate housewives. I am looking forward to a desperate housewives fest sometime soon!

We called around to see Mum and Dad, Mum got an unusual present from us, a Budgie, she really wanted a pet, she had tried a dog, but that didn't work out, she tried to talk Dad into having a cat, but that was a non starter !! He wasn't even that keen on a Budgie, so I said that I would get her the Budgie. We managed to get a cage off of Freecycle and yesterday Beth and I chose a beautiful pale blue coloured budgie. She seems quite chatty and was interested in our budgies. We took her around to Mums and she is thrilled with her. She has called her 'Bobby'


Sue said...

:) a Lovely day then. LOVE your quilt..i had some of that blue and yellow material so Sunny :) i think i made curtains out of mine,dunno what happened to them.

Raymonde said...

Hi Liz, glad you had a lovely Mother's Day!
The quilt is great and the sunshine on it even better.
I also want to see the photos of the budgie
Have a good week. xxx

Anonymous said...

Love the smell of clean washing