Sunday, March 07, 2010

One Week on.

I have finally got around to collecting in all the photos taken last week and I really like these 'studies' !! I view them as action shots taken when people had no idea they were being watched.
Above we have my long time lady pals, the ones I have know for sometime and the 'ladies' that I holiday with nearly every year!!

The above photo is a beautiful one of my oldest and long time friend Madeline, we have known each other for a mere 45 years, we have been friends since reception class. It looks like Sue is looking on with disapproval!! At this stage they were all enjoying themselves but not too 'happy'!

By the time this photo was taken we were the wrong side of several bottles of red wine, very dry wine that dried out the lining of your mouth and made you feel that you needed another glass or two to quench your thirst, it was around this time that we started to get giggly and Sue simply could hold her alcohol. Madeline and I were loud but she sploshed red wine all over the place!! I know that she was mortified afterwards and our disapproving husbands looked on and tried to calm us down. It was a lost cause by then !!!!

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Raymonde said...

Your pain is not showing!! It looks like a great party, very colourful! Like the action shots. Can't wait to see you. !!! xxx