Thursday, March 11, 2010


This winter seems to have been a long one, the spring is gradually coming in with some snowdrops and crocus flowering, but what I am waiting for is summer, a time when I can again enjoy my roses and sunflowers. I love both of those flowers. It always amazes me how much growth a sunflower makes in a single summer season. We have had a lot of success with them, so I have my seed packet ready and I will grow some more this summer.
Yesterday was dads birthday, we bought him a new DVD player. the one he had just packed up, we checked the fuse but that wasn't the problem. They are now so cheap that they are almost disposable, its certainly not worth trying to get them repaired so we bought him a new one.
This weekend is mothers day, so we have got mum an unusual present, which I am not going to mention on here!!! I am sure she will be surprised though!!!
I hope everyone has a happy day!


Andrea said...

We have a difficult time with roses..but we are still trying.
Hugs, andrea

Raymonde said...

I really like your sunflowers! Hope you foot is getting better!
Much love. ♥

Travis Erwin said...

looks like you are closer to spring than us.