Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Playing with a new toy.

Yesterday I went to see my friend Raymonde, the strange thing is that we live in the same town and we 'talk' almost daily online and via our blogs but we rarely see each other. we became friends when our boys were in the same class at primary school, they went on to play for the same football teams, we became friends. I introduced Raymond to the wonders of blogging and she has now far outstripped me in her blog followers, we move in different and intersecting circles.
Anyhow it was nice to see her yesterday, she told me all about Picasa and I thought I would give it a go. I am not sure that I have it right as I have found it a bit tricky, I think that's because I am a photo shop girl and they are different.
So here is my first collage, Happy 1st Birthday Bobbie, I can't believe that its been a year!!Posted by Picasa


Andrea said...

Love the collage...

Raymonde said...

I love this, for a first attempt this is great. I will email where someone shows you great tricks with Picasa. You are such a dear friend. xxx