Tuesday, March 02, 2010


This birthday has been one of the longest ever!! On Sunday I went out with my friend to a scrap and stamp show in Stevenage, my foot was playing me up something awful and I was really feeling under the weather. I had the day planned out, once we got back I was going to get myself sorted and head off for a family meal with Rod, Tina and the rest of my family at a local pub. My foot was so painful by then I was really feeling sorry for myself. Any how I put on a bit of slap and headed out with Tom to meet them at the pub. Things took a strange turn when he went a bit off course and we headed to the golf club. I was shocked almost speechless to find that they had laid on a surprise party for me! I had no idea, not a hint, nothing!!!
My only regret was that I hadn't dressed up for the event.
The cake was made by my friend Maggie, who is a fabulous baker and cake decorator, just look at the detail in the cake!

I love how she has managed to cover essentially 'me' name meaning, star sign, family, interests, the lot.

She also made a beautiful string of troll beads!! (I have been dabbling with bead making)
I have a fair few more pictures, I will post later!
So thank you to my family and friends who all worked really hard to keep the secret and to give me a wonderful surprise party!!!!

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Raymonde said...

What a beautiful cake! Thanks for sharing. Hope your foot gets better quickly! xxx