Friday, March 26, 2010

Playing with my 'New Toy'

The girls at work bought me a mini kiln for my birthday and until yesterday I have not had the time to try it out. Its a tiny little one with a 3 inch chamber, so I thought I would try fusing glass, which looked easy!!!
So I got a few bits and pieces off of Ebay and gave it a go.
I set up my first experiment a small piece of black glass, some multi coloured frit and then a piece of clear glass. I then cooked it. It looked pretty colour wise before it went in, but when it came out it had 'slipped' so I have learnt something, frit must melt at a different rate to the pieces of glass. The result of the slipped piece is bottom left below.

Not deterred I tried some more colour combinations. Top left is a piece of glass with a flower shape on top made with pieces of Milliefiori glass. That melted together nicely. Top right was an oblong piece of clear with three milliefiori pieces. (Beth's design) and the last one was a piece of black glass with green frit topped off with a clear piece.
There are so many possibilities, I am going to play some more!!


Travis Erwin said...

The words green frit just sounds gross to me.

Jen said...

That's so cool! Enjoy :). I got a sewing machine for mine - I will try it out soon, honest!

Sue said...

Cool Toy!!

Raymonde said...

That means you can make a lovely neckpiece for me?! xxx