Friday, April 16, 2010

Big Boys and their toys!!

Last weekend we got working in the garden, Tom had been leveling out the earth and preparing the garden for the arrival of the new trampoline, so on Saturday morning we went to the local tool hire place and hired a compactor. It was quite exciting to use, petrol driven and really heavy it thumped the ground and compacted the earth. It did have a mind of its own and it was a bit of a struggle to keep it on the straight and narrow!
I had a go, but its definitely a Boy Toy!!
This past week the computer has been playing up so its been away having its guts looked at. Seems it was over heating so the man that knows has done something technical and it seems to have settled down again.
I am looking forward to chilling this weekend, I want to get out with my camera and try and get a few shots of the beautiful blossom, I have counted 14 different types within walking distance. If the weather holds I want to reseed the grass in the back garden and start off a few sweet pea plants, looking forward to a colourful summer in my new garden !

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