Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy Weekend.

It has been a busy week, I am glad its the weekend but I have been busy today as well! We have been sorting out the bottom of the garden, Beth has has a new trampoline which has been sitting in the box for around 6 weeks, she is desperate to get the new one up. We wanted to move the garden around and put it in a different corner, so Tom has spent ages shifting earth. This morning we hired a 'compactor' from the local hire centre, came back with it and went over the bottom of the garden making a firm base for the trampoline and the gravel that we intend to finish the area off with.

So we have the weed membrane down and we have the the trampoline up, we just need to make sure its level and to clear up the rest of the rubbish in the garden. Just stopped for a well earned break and a bacon roll!!


Andrea said...

Have fun and be careful.
Blessings, andrea

Jen said...

Sounds tiring! Have a bacon buttie for me :)

Maureen said...

ummmm bacon anything sounds yummy!!

Wendy said...

Hi Lizzy! So happy you are still posting and thanks so much for saying hello! I love seeing you post all of your awesome nature and family I have said before, when I grow up I want to be an awesome photographer like you! HA

Your brother's puppy has the sweetest face!