Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Big Clear out.

Today is the day of the big cupboard clear out. In preparation for going away next week I need to sort out my clothes and dump the ancient stuff, and rehome the reasonable stuff to the charity shop and I am ashamed to say that I have found some stuff that still has tags which I no longer like, so I will eBay them. I am on my third load of washing (Carl home from Uni!!)
I hope it continues to be a good drying day!

I am starting to get quite excited about the holiday, its now only a week away, the only down side is that I will miss the general election.I really enjoy watching the results come in on the telly, so this once every four year event will see us at sea. I have just received my postal vote which is a whole lot more complicated than just putting a tick in the box, there are origami like instructions about how to fold the forms and return them. Best I start practicing today!.

Beth is practicing for a new production at The Barn, this time its a play for adults (rather than a pantomime) The cast is huge and Beth has a variety of little supporting roles. Its been great experience for her and she is looking forward to the run which starts in June.
They have made a short promotional film for it so check out Inherit The Wind


Raymonde said...

Enjoy the clear-out with the nice weather.

Carl should be doing his own washing!!!

Take care. xxx

Maureen said...

Good luck to you on the clean out....something I have to put on my to do list....