Thursday, April 01, 2010

Phew, its a long weekend.

I am ever so glad we have reached the long weekend that has been such a long time arriving. I am disorganised and lacking in Easter eggs, which is a shame. I think I am celebrated out which is a shame for Beth being the third child!! Still there is a bonus, its the end of Lent and Sunday mass will have chocolate eggs which will make it more exciting for her!!
I don't really have any plans, I would like to get the garden sorted, we were thinking decking, but perhaps I will revert to plan A, Gravel, quick easy and cheap. We can do it ourselves if the weather holds out.

Today is April fools day and there were some good 'jokes' around. Our local radio station reported on the latest David Blaine stunt, he was trying to eat his way out of a giant chocolate Easter egg in Stevenage town centre. Seems lots of people fell for that one.

I was convinced that I had been pranked by my dear hubby and daughter. Over the past few weeks the council have forgotten to empty our recycling and rubbish bins. When I got home our front garden had been mowed. I was quite surprised as its been fairly wet on and off today and the grass wasn't that long. I asked why Tom had done it? and he told me he hadn't it was the council!!! That's when I thought I was being pranked, why would they do our garden? So I went back out and sure enough, our garden and all the communal lawns and verges had been cut. So should I call them and say thank you??

Have a happy weekend everyone!


Raymonde said...

Happy Easter Liz and Co, we are going away and looking forward to it. Have a good rest, how is the foot?

Enjoy your chocolate eggs on Sunday!

Travis Erwin said...

I wish someone would come mow my yard.