Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm Back!!

Well it seems to have been a very long week, usual busy times at work which has meant I am getting home later and later, some evening this week I have still been out at 7pm which is a bit much, but I have to get the job done. I have also been getting the new PC up and running, when I say 'I' I actually mean the nice PC repair man who has recovered all of my old hard drive and transferred it all to my new PC. He has also cleaned up the old drive and I now have that as a portable storage device. So should I ever have a failure, everything can be stored in two places. This means that once I have them I should never lose my photos again!! (fingers crossed)
The last weekend before the PC died I took these photos, the blossom on the trees has been fantastic. There are loads of pretty trees around and I have noticed that some of my friends are already effected by hay fever. I am so glad that I don't suffer from that!

This tree is stunning, I am sad to say I have no idea what it is, so I will have to do some Internet research.

It felt like I was standing under a huge bouquet of flowers, slightly fragrant blowing in the warm spring breeze.
This weekend I am going to make an effort to get myself sorted out for my holiday. We are due to go on a Mediterranean cruise on the 1st of May. I have bought a few new clothes, but I really need to sort out my wardrobe and do a load of ironing to get things in the case. I don't feel I have had time to dedicate to getting ready. I also want to pack up a small craft bag to take with me but that seems to get harder and harder to do!!
Have a happy weekend!!


Raymonde said...

Yeah, you are back. Gorgeous photos with bokeh!

Craft bag to take on the cruise, are you sure? You will have so much to do. Just plenty of memory cards for your camera will be sufficient.

Take care. ♥

kazher said...

lovely pictures Liz.
hope to see you before your cruise..x x