Saturday, April 03, 2010

I have been pranked!!!

For years and years I have been the practical joker in the group, I admit to many jokes. In the past I have sent my mother an invitation to join the 'Budgens' retired members social club,
so that she can avail herself of bungee jumping for beginners. The thing was she only worked for them for around 4 hours!!
I have also sent letters to people regarding their use of pressure washers, illegally! I sent one to my friend Karen asking her to attend a trial for Enfield town ladies football team, I even promised her a free kit and the names of her kids embroidered on her boots if she was successful.
Its been a long time coming but I have been done, I very nearly fell for it!!! Its a very good effort. The letter came complete with proper logos and very official looking wording. But you have to get up early to prank a pranker!!
I bought a laser torch a couple of months ago, I don't know why, but it amuses me. at night it picks up every single speck of dust flying around in the room, it reflects off of lots of things and its mesmerising. I have shone it at a few things, (houses, trees, fences, ) but I have never been tempted to shine it on people, cars or AIRCRAFT!!! So I was certain I had not carried out the offence mentioned in the letter.
Whoever has sent it has gone out of their way to make it as realistic as possible, it is from the Civil Aviation Authority, who have an office in Gatwick, the letter has a Gatwick postmark, very slick!! There is even a CAA logo on the envelope.
I might have fallen for it if it hadn't been for the signature, Mr Harri Otter. When I put the telephone number I was supposed to call into google, it confirmed my suspicions, London Zoo!!!!

So step forward, its a brilliant effort, I take my hat off to you!!

If you click on the photo of the letter, it enlarges.


Brodders said...

Fab x

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Cath x said...

Brill, i love it!!

kazzer said...

hahaha so funny..
btw, I'm still waiting for my boots..!!