Friday, April 02, 2010

The easter Bunny has BEEN !!

Beth and Megan organised an Easter Egg hunt for the little ones in the road. They spent ages buying the gifts, preparing clues, wrapping, hiding and generally getting ready. They decided that 11am would be the right time to stage the event. Last minute they decided that they needed a pair of bunny ears each, so we took an emergency trip to Morrisons!

I love this picture, they look so proud of themselves. They made a really good Easter egg hunt the children were so excited and happy to run around looking for their gifts. Right at the end the hid a basket in the hedge and they were jumping up and down when they noticed it!

Beth, my cute little bunny!!!


Raymonde said...

Oh what a lovely gesture from the girls! Well done! Have a blessed Easter Liz and your family! Love. xxx

Jen said...

She's such a sweetheart - must take after her mother :) Lovely thing for the girlies to do!