Monday, December 03, 2012

Busy Weekend.

The weekend has flown by, and its been busy busy busy. Mum is now back at the QE2 which is easier for us and nicer for her. She is still not well and is suffering from the effects of a urine infection. She keeps getting confused and frightened and Saturday night they had to sedate her as she was getting in such a state. She text me several times early in the morning saying help, but I didn't get the message until the following morning. When I phoned the hospital they told me they had called a Doctor as she was hallucinating and he had decided to sedate her. When we saw her yesterday evening she was much better but didn't remember texting or phoning anyone at all. I have just heard from her this morning and she had a good night and has woke up feeling better and hungry which is good. This always seems happen at this time of year!!!

Yesterday Tom and I went into Stevenage and finished off the very last bits of shopping, stocking fillers and the likes. I now feel I can go to Germany and not have to worry . I will just buy little bits when I am there!! Mind you as a sign of the times we are all slowly breaking with bits starting to drop off, Sandra and her back, Madeline has a bad knee and I have a dodgy hip, Sue is the only one with all her faculties at the moment. but as I have said before all we need to be able to do is walk far enough to get from one mulled wine bar to the next, anything more would be a waste of effort!!!

I have been watching the forecast for Hamburg and with any luck we'll get a bit of snow(just enough to make it look pretty) Wednesday it will arrive and looks to stay for a few days!!
Happy Mulled Wine days!!!!

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