Thursday, December 06, 2012

On the Way!

Well after a bit of an odd week we are soon heading for the airport and our flight to Hamburg. I have been keeping an eye on the weather over there all week and it looks like they have had a fair bit of snow which will be very pretty. I am sure that they are better at dealing with snow than we are. Yesterday we had an unexpected covering of snow and as usual the country ground to a halt with schools closed and motorways impassable.
They didn't actually forecast snow, particularly in our neck of the woods, so there had been minimal gritting done, by the time I headed off to work most of the major roads were clear. Over night it got down to -6 according to my little weather man machine, its still pretty cold now.
Every year when we go away in December we have seem to have snow(I know there is always a chance of it in December!!) We had snow in New York, it was so icy that while we were waiting for a bus my trousers stuck to the pavement!! We went to Ypres a couple of years ago and the snow was so bad that on the journey down to Dover the police stacked all the lorries on the motorway and we had to crawl along at 20 mph, a really hairy journey. Yesterday Easy jet text me to say Luton was closed, but checking this morning its all back on again so I am hopeful we will be on our way very soon.

Mum is still in hospital they are trying to get her mobilised, they think they have sorted out the urine infection and she does seem mentally a whole lot better. I went in to see her last night and she seemed quite upbeat. She doesn't like it when I am away, but Tom and the kids are on hand if she needs something. An added complication is that dad has gone into hospital today as a day case to have his yearly investigation after they found polyps in his bowel a few years ago. I dropped him off at 8am and Tom will collect him later after he has done the airport run.

So here's looking forward to a few mulled wines and a sprinkling of snow to make things pretty!!

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Jennifer A. Jilks said...

There is nothing like juggling ailing parents. My heart goes out to you. I hope you have a wondrous holiday!