Friday, December 14, 2012

Food, Food and more Food.

The Christmas markets seemed to consist of lots of food stalls, from the sweet gingerbread ones, right through to a stall doing steak sandwiches and all things in between. The aroma of food was overwhelming and it was hard to stop your mouth watering, add to that the Mulled wine stalls, coffee shops and the everyday bars we were spoilt for choice!

There were wares of every sort, this stall was selling very reasonably priced olive wood tree decoration plus a selection of beeswax candles.

More gingerbread, what surprised me about these was the weight, I was expecting rather hefty gingerbread biscuits, the ones you buy locally in Simmonds weigh a ton, I was expecting the same, but these were as light as a feather, it was almost as if the gingerbread was whipped . They were still crisp and lovely though.

One stall was selling these beautiful birds houses, I wish I had bought one, I think perhaps one on its own might have been lonely and not so attractive as this whole town of houses!! 

These chocolate covered fruits were a real find, the chocolate was delicious and it was three of my five a day, banana, strawberry AND cocoa Beans!!!

On the same stall were toffee covered apples and skewers of toffee covered grapes, the chocolate apples looked pretty good as well. The funniest thing that we saw, (and bought) was marzipan potatoes...

They looked so realistic that I took a couple home for Tom as a gift!!!!! I hope that Sue went through with her plan to serve them to her hubby the following night with his dinner!!!

On the evening of the second day we were walking back to the hotel after dinner when we were messing around taking photos in the snow, it wasn't really that picturesque, outside a shell service station!! anyway I took a few of the others and they took some with me included, when this guy who was filling his Taxi with fuel in the service station, with several passengers on board, ran over and offered to take a picture with all of us together, He took the above photo handed the camera back and went on his way!!!! I have no idea how he managed it, my camera was on automatic and takes a good photo no matter what!!! Still it was the thought that counts!!


Boo said...

Love you photos Lyzzy. Adore those bird houses - yes, you should have got one! Happy Christmas xxx :)

Raymonde said...

Great post! What a great food market so much to choose from.

The last photo is a riot, mind you I often say better the worst photo you have than the one you did not take!

Take care. xxx