Friday, December 28, 2012

Fast Heading into New Year.

Well good news first, we have managed to avoid a trip to A and E on Boxing day, so that is a huge improvement. Long may it last!!
We went around to see Mum and Dad for tea on Boxing day, played cards for a bit and left once the carer turned up to get Mum off to bed!!

Here we are in full gambling mode...

Sadly not too much of the money was coming our way, we think that Mum was relying heavily on her deafness and dodgy sight to 'accidentally' play wrong cards, something we didn't catch onto until quite late on in the evening!!!!

Not to worry, it was all part of the fun!!

We were only left with a few pennies!!!
Well it was bound to happen we couldn't escape a Christmas without some sort of illness, today both Tom and I have come down with a mega sore throat and we both feel generally rubbish. So its dosing ourselves up and trying to keep warm. It always happens at Christmas. 
Happy New Year, can't wait for 2013, I am hoping for big things !!!

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