Monday, December 17, 2012

Out in Hamburg.

It was bitterly cold, so cold that the river was mostly frozen. We had a walk over one of the bridges and decided to take a break at a traditional German restaurant. It was lovely and warm in there and the food smelled delicious. We were give a menu and it announced that it was 'curly kale' season!!! We just wanted a snack so we had a few dishes between us, thick soups and a baked cheese with deep fried curly kale!! It was delicious. Best of all it was warm in the restaurant and that was essential!!!

I need to crop this photo to get rid of the street sign on the right, but we finally found a man who was carrying his own camera, so I thought he must at least be able to take a few photos!! this is one of the best ones of us in front of the town hall.

Another view from the bridge near the restaurant.

The street above had lots of expensive shops, the sign is not too difficult this time, it translate to New Wall!!!

The sign at the entrance to one of the markets, google translate says its Weiber Magic!!! If you look carefully you can see that someone has thrown a pair of trainers over the first 'E' !!!

This tree was spectacular, thousands of lights!

This is one of those traditional 'thingies' you see in tradition German markets, I have no idea what they are called but they are very pretty and I bought a mini candle version back with me!!

We have all just about recovered so I am starting to think of our next destination, Germany again? Austria? France, perhaps Italy, who knows!!

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