Sunday, December 23, 2012

Nearly There....

Only one day of work left until the celebrations begin. I have just about done everything. Today I needed to buy cooking apples for my Christmas day pie. I had tried at Tesco's, Morison's, Aldi and Lidls, but they had all sold out.So today I called into the local green grocers on the way to collect the turkey. He had only just opened and he said I was the third person after cooking apples this morning. He said he sold out yesterday afternoon, when a local hotel bought up his entire stock. He is sure that some famous chef on the telly has used Apples to do something trendy with, causing a last minute rush of panic apple buying. So all our plans of not having to shop tomorrow were very nearly scuppered, that is until we decided to go to church this evening. Last year we went to Midnight Mass , I say went to midnight mass, we actually went to several, but didn't manage to get a seat at any of them, we did a church crawl that left us feeling unsatisfied.  So this year we decided to go to Sunday night evening mass, beating the rush. We went to Holy Family which is opposite Shoplands parade, so with the best of divine intervention after church  we noticed that Co-op was open so we popped in and found - COOKING APPLES!!!!! What a result, Tom can have a lie in in the morning and not fight his way around the shops! I can make my apple pie after I get home from work - Perfect!!!!

Beth has been helping and has already baked up a couple of batches of fairy cakes. (They are British fairy cakes and not American Cup Cakes) They look and taste lovely!!

Earlier in the week my friend Madeline bought me a lovely bouquet of my favourite orange roses. These are really beautiful. They haven't wilted or given up the ghost they are strong and smell divine. I don't know where they came from, but they are a really good buy. Thank you Madeline!

Both Madeline and I bought ourselves these pretty little Christmas trees when we were in Germany. You light a tea light in the bottom and the heat spins the tree around. You have to be very precise about where you put the tea light to make it work, but its very pretty. :)

Finally I have solved a problem that has worried me since I came back from Ireland way back in the summer. While out there I came across a delicious drink, Bulmers Light cider. It has only got 92 calories in a tin and its really delicious. I invested in a few to bring home with me. I have now run out and started to look around our shops to restock my supply. I haven't been able to find Bulmers Light anywhere, I was getting desperate  I even considered making a return trip to Ireland (that's true desperation!!!) When I decided on a Google search - Success I have found that all the big supermarkets sell it BUT its called Magners over here!!! Why??? We have Bulmers Cider (or perhaps we had Bulmers Cider) Anyway it doesn't matter I will invest in some Magners Light - Amber nectar - Lovely!!!!

Happy Christmas to you all 

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