Saturday, June 01, 2013

Another thing off my 'Bucket List'

Recently I have made a list of things that I would like to do, some of them have been possible due to my reducing size, some because I have more confidence to try things. 

Friday lunch time I had to go into hospital for a procedure on my wrist, I have been suffering from Carpal Tunnel syndrome for about the last two years on and off. Of late it has been much worse and it has been keeping me awake at night, with pins and needles that are actually painful. It really interferes with my sleeping pattern and I get up feeling knackered. So I was referred to the hospital where they carried out injections into the affected area to try and reduce the swelling and stop the pain.
I was not very impressed with the appointment, it really hurt exactly where it was hurting without any extra interference from the needles!!!  I am now resting my wrist and trying to get over the trauma of the multiple injections!!!

Today I booked to have a tattoo with my life long friend Madeline and her daughter (my God Daughter) Grace. Beth came along as she wanted her nose pierced. We booked with 'Flesh Ideas' in Stevenage old town. It seems that Saturday morning was ladies morning because everyone there was a 'Lady'.
We started in a very civilised way, with a cup of tea, Madeline had an Espresso and was wired for hours afterwards!!!

I had given the design loads of thought, I wanted something pretty, I wanted something that had a meaning for me and something to signify my journey. I also wanted it to be somewhere on my body that I would be able to see it. Since losing weight I have a fair few flabby bits of skin, so I wanted to avoid those, so eventually ended up deciding on the inside of my left wrist. (my right wrist is the poorly one!!)
So after trawling the web I finally found an image that I liked, pink blossom, I have a soft spot for flowers and pink blossom in particular. I wanted a word to go with it and agonised over that for weeks as well, I finally decided of the word ' Renaissance' which is a French word and one of its meanings is reborn or start over again. I felt that was appropriate for me and my circumstances!!

I am really pleased with it, this picture was taken just after I had taken the cling film off and given it a wash. Its a bit swollen and will be a bit scabby if I don't keep it moisturised. 
The best way I can describe it is like having sun burnt skin scratched over again.

Beth had her nose pierced, not something I was keen for her to have done, but she is now old enough to do her own thing within reason so I finally gave in and said yes. I was surprised that she had it done as she is not keen on needles, or guns up her nose!!!

So a number of 'firsts' for the first of June and who knows we might have to do it all again sometime!!

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Debbie said...

Good for you and it looks so pretty too!