Thursday, August 31, 2006

Bloody Hell.. What a day..

Today has been a terrible day, nothing life threatening or anything but none the less a very stressful time.
I had arranged for NTL to call and move a digi box, and at the same time for Sky to install Sky Plus. NTL went without a hitch, but the Sky bloke decided the best way to route the cable to the second box was to use the NTL cable, there by disconnecting my PC and phone and TV.
I was not impressed, infact I now have a raging headache and want to do someone some damage!
I have had to spend an age on the phone to Sky who are absolutely useless and offered me an early appointment of the 15th of Septemeber to rectify the problem. I think not.
So the short version is I have had to be 'talked through' the complete reset of my win sock settings (I have no idea what they are) and I now am back on line. Beyond that what am I to do, I feel stressed and fed up. Why is it always us??

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