Saturday, August 19, 2006

We're back !!

We have arrived back from a very pleasant break in a very sunny France. We had great company in the shape of Dina and Rick Dolan and their kids Ross and Ryanne.

The crossing from Poole to St Malo was one of the roughest we have ever had the misfortune to be on. The boat was pitching from side to side and the whole place stunk of sick!

We started off at the huge Des Ormes campsite in Dol de Bretagne. We got off to a bad start at the site, when a little girl was bought in with a very obviously broken arm, the staff suggested that she was taken to hospital by the parents who had no idea where to take her. The poor thing was screaming and I was very tearful, with hearing her distress and arriving after a long journey.
Thankfully the Canvas courier got involved with her and got things sorted.

The weather was a bit miserable for the first few days but the kids still enjoyed it, going on the pedaloes, swimming and climbing through the trees. Beth went to hoopi club and spent happy evenings playing in the park.

One thing struck me was the massive game of football going on on the all weather pitch. There must have been 50 kids on each side!! It looked chaotic but no one seemed to fall out and they all enjoyed themselves!!

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