Monday, August 28, 2006

Up bright and early.

Well today I am tired but I don't feel so fed up, so perhaps it was the combination of being tired and the drink. I don't have a hang over though.

Yesterday I decided to order a router so that I can go wireless. I now have a laptop essentially for work, but I can use it at home. Up until now I have been a bit naughty and have been using an insecure network that was near by. (I could get it in the front room but not the back room) Saturday morning I went to use it again when I could not find it. The wizard thing could find the usual 5 secured networks but not the one insecure one. The only thing that has changed is that one of the neighbours moved on Friday, so I guess it was their network. Bloody inconsiderate I'd say.

Anyway we are on NTL and I ended up taking advice from them and buying through them, they were quite competitive and I only need the router as the laptop is already enabled.

Watch this space for its arrival and subsequent problems getting it to work.

Well after going through a bit of a lean time I think I am back on track. Over the weekend I have done loads and although its not magazine quality, I am happy and that's what counts!!

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