Sunday, August 27, 2006

Here are a few more photographs from my holiday, This is trip that we did to D'Apremont Chateau in Vendee. It was a very informative visit, with an English option thank goodness.
Its a very pretty chateau dating from 1534. It was built by Philippe Chabot de Brion. This guy was very rich and powerful. He was also an experienced sailor, so he decided to build this Chateau and divert the river Vie to run along the base of his chateau. This was not wholly successful. Looking around the grounds was good, we looked into the underground cool room, which had been carved out of the rock, and was actually quite cold even though the day was boiling hot!


Clare said...

wow Lyzzy that place is so beautiful! it looks perfect!

jake said...

Lovely photo's Lyzzy! Looks gorgeous there :-)

jake xx

lemon said...

fantastic photos lyzzy