Sunday, August 27, 2006

Good Productive Weekend

After a weekend of self doubt, I have decided that I still love scrapping and that I should get on with scrapping for me and not worry too much about whether they are cutting edge , ultra trendy or stuffed full of embellishments.
After all I scrap to display my photos.
I think that I need to keep my eye on the fact that I want to improve my photos and that they should be the focal point, a good photo doesn't need lots of dressing up.
So yesterday I managed to do 5 double layouts. I am pleased as that has got me over a glitch.
The photos that I want to get started on are Beths First Holy Communion and now I am clear to do those I am happy!
Its quite weird this weekend, as Tom is working. Just about all our married life I have been the weekend worker but now his new job has him working one weekend in two, while I am for the first time every weekend off!

Earlier in the week I finally booked a villa for our holiday next year in Florida. We are going to stay in a villa in Sunset Ridge. The first one and preferred villa ended up being unavailable for the dates that we wanted, so this is our second choice. That said it looks beautiful and I have spoken to the owner who seems to be very helpful. I was a bit cheeky when I did the search and asked for a 5 bedroom villa with games room, pool, internet, pool heating, cleaning and tax included for less than £1000 (which works out to £100 per person for the two weeks) Well we had a few replies, but on talking to this villa owner it became obvious that he had reduced his prices to make sure he met our criteria!

We are so looking forward to it, shame we have to wait to October 2007!

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