Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Around Europe in Food and Drink!

We decided while we were away to do as little cooking as possible, this we managed, we in fact did NO cooking what so ever!!We thought it was only right that we sampled the local fare, food and drink , to get into the full spirit of Christmas and of our holiday. There were plenty of bars and bistros, all serving a huge variety of food and drink and not a burger in sight!!

Here we are outside a very nice Brasserie, where we had just had lunch of Palma ham with melon followed by Belgium Brown beef stew in beer. It was really Delicious and filling. I was driving so I stuck to fizzy water, Sandra and Sue had a beer, which made them both rosy faced and giggly, seems that Belgium beer is far stronger than ours!!
My fizzy water came in a very nice bottle, it looked like a bottle of fine wine!

It was very busy in Bruges so we had to pace ourselves and we stopped a couple of times to try out a few hot chocolates!

When we got back to Sunparks we went to the bar for a cocktail. They were making a big issue of serving cocktails, but in the end they were a bit of a cop out. We ordered four and were disappointed when all the bar man did was set up 4 glasses with ice and then opened some pre mixed bottles. Mine was OK, but Sue was convinced hers was off and that they were trying to kill her. It did have a strange smell, but I put that down to the closeness of Sandra's feet!
Another hot chocolate and another cafe!!!
Belgium is famous for waffles, not sure why and it didn't seem to matter what you ordered they always gave you what they wanted to!. We definitely ordered waffles with cream and chocolate and what we got was waffles with ice cream. It was too hard to argue!
In the evenings our catering ran to the above pictured buffet!! Sandra ate a jar of pickled onions in one go, (all bar 5) we managed to take with us 6 boxes of exactly the same flavour pringles!! We did supplement the buffet with real food such as french pate and a selection of french cheeses, but there is something very nice about french bread with jam!!

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Raymonde said...

Looks like you had a really good time with friends. And at the same time getting ready for Christmas. You are definitely multi-tasking. Take care. xxx