Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Christmas.

It was the night before Christmas and we had visitors!! The Reeves were in town and spent the evening with us! It is quite amazing to think that it barely seems five minutes since Emma, Stuart and Laura were babies. Christmas eve was spent at one or other of our houses. The toddlers used to get so excited so we had to resort to Rod going outside and ringing some jingle bells. The kids then shot upstairs got into our bed and snuggled down , just in case Santa might be tempted to pass them by.
So time has moved on 23 years, same cast of people, with the welcome addition of baby Bobbie, who is nine months old, just a little too young to understand fully what is going on!

Beth has a real knack with the little ones, so she came into her own, entertaining Bobbie, who was as good as gold. She spent the whole evening being passed from one to another without as much a s a whine or a moan!

Hunny has a new bed which she has taken to straight away. She wasn't even bothered when Bobbie got up close to her!

Hunny was not going to move, whatever!

Christmas morning this year was very laid back, no one wanted to get up, there wasn't that frantic get up out of bed you have with little children, none the less we had fun opening our presents and getting the dinner ready.
For the first time ever I mislaid a present, I am missing one that I wrapped for mum, the only thing I can think of is that I have accidentally put it in a carrier bag and given it to someone else, so if you have a stray present that you don't recognise, from our house, let me know!!!
Today we are off to Mum and Dads for lunch and to play a few games of cards!


Sue said...

Lovely photos :D
Have a great time today

Raymonde said...

Enjoy every minute with precious folks. Love. xxx