Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Home again.

I am just back from a very good weekend in Belgium and France. I travelled with some friends to stay in Sun Parks near the coast near to Dunkirk. We had a fabulous crossing, hard to believe that it was December. It was a sunny crisp day and the sea was calm, a very pleasant journey. I shouldn't have been surprised, but there were far fewer people on board compared to the summer. We had a choice of seating and parking the car was easy there were only about a dozen cars on the deck, Most of the passengers were lorry drivers!

In this picture you can just about make out the disappearing White Cliffs of Dover on the horizon.

Madeline, Sandra and Sue had not been on a ferry for a few years and they were impressed with how smooth things were, the seating was great, the shop was even better and I managed to get a few Christmas presents.
The plan for the weekend was fairly easy, when we arrived we stopped off at a hypermarket in Dunkirk. It was a massive Auchan, very organised you could pay in Euros or pounds!! They had loads of Christmas bits and pieces and we took the chance to stock up on food essentials (although we had bought a fair bit with us!!)
We finally arrived at Sunparks around 4pm. We went to a lovely Sunparks in kempense Meren last year, this one was completely different, it was on a main road, which was a bit of a shock as I always associate that kind of park with woodland. (its fairly similar to Centre Parcs) We got off on a bad foot as the signs weren't clear, we were looking for a check in described as a drive through, after driving all over the place we realised that this had changed and we had to find the reception. They forgot to mention that they only do a drive through in peak season!!
We went in and found the place to be deserted! The receptionist gave us our keys and we went down to villa 110. It was basic, but we had problems with the heating (temperamental!) we had missing curtains on the stairs and in the bathroom, so we ended up having to make do with t towels and scarfs!!
On the plus side the beds were fantastically comfortable!! I'll be back with more photos later in the week.!!


Jenn Jilks said...

I think it fabulous to travel on off seasons! Bring on those photos!

Almost Normal said...

Welcome home muvva! :)