Friday, December 18, 2009

Snow has arrived!!!

It started last night, the roaring wind and the driving snow. Carl had a works do, so I volunteered to take him there on the understanding that he would try and get a lift back. While he was out, it started to snow, snow very hard! Carl called to say he couldn't get a lift back so I made a journey out to collect him. It was only 5 miles away, but it took me an hour, the roads were terrible, icy and very slippery. A car in front of me came up to some traffic lights, travelling faster than was safe. He touched the brakes and spun the car completely around so he was facing me, that was scary !! By the time I collected him from his 'do' it was blizzard conditions. On the way back we saw a very strange sight, green lightening followed by rumbles of thunder. I have never experienced anything like it . I hope it wasn't an explosion in a fireworks factory!!

When we got up this morning there was a very good covering of snow, but it was a beautiful bright blue crisp morning, so we called around to Mum and Dads to clear a path down to the chicken house for them. Once we had cleared the path, we let the chickens out, they came down to eat their breakfast and then disappeared back into their little warm house!!

Beth got up and came with us, she was very interested in the snow and snow balls, although she soon come to the conclusion that it was the wrong kind of snow, it wouldn't stick together!! She was pleased because school was called off, so nothing now until next year!!

On the way back home we spotted this little blackbird, he was hopping around puffing up his feathers to keep warm. He even posed for me on a garden fence!!
I went into work, but couldn't park the car as we have an underground car park that was impossible to get into or out of!! I had a short day and ended up doing some food shopping!!
This afternoon it started to snow again and the forecast for tonight is heavy snow, could be an interesting weekend!!

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Raymonde said...

I am glad you and Carl are safe. We ended up with everybody at home, Colin could not go anywhere, Liam had a day off, Chantal's school was shut and Madeline had made it the day before. Enjoy safely. xxx
ps: really like the bird photo.