Saturday, December 19, 2009

Handmade Decorations.

Every year when we decorate the tree we get out the collection of decorations from the loft and they bring back memories of previous Christmas holidays and trips where we have bought decorations as a memento of that time. Over the years our tastes have changed but the decorations all seem to sit together well. Every year we add at least one new decoration to the tree and we have to sometimes swap them for those that have become tatty!
This year the first decoration is one I received in a swap, a beautiful hand made heart with a cute picture of a birdie, Thank you to Heather (cutnpaste) who sent me that.

This year we were in Brugge and my friend Madeline bought me this cute birdie from a really gorgeous shop that we found. We really could have stayed there for hours but it was packed with shoppers and when its like that I simply can't be bothered to fight my way though the crowds.I decided to wait outside, but Maddy bought this little birdie out for me!!

This is from Christmas past, a little wooden tree covered in red and green glitter from when Carl was at nursery, so its around 15 years old!

This is a jingle bell from France, this also has a story to tell. We stopped off at a hypermarket called Auchan, they had a nice Christmas department and Maddy and I spotted these lovely bells, only problem was the basket that they were in was empty, so we managed to find one with the price on and took six others from the beautifully decorated tree on display. There was a sign asking you not to remove the display items, but we were going to plead ignorance if anyone said anything, it was in French after all!!
Still got a good covering of snow the outside temperature is -3 and its nearly 11am!! we might yet get our white Christmas.


Sue said...

The best kind!!all lovely

suebaru said...

We hit the lakes yesterday and today for some sledging :)And were in Tesco's at 8.30am today - how sad!!

Fee said...

Beautiful decorations and I love the stories behind them.

Raymonde said...

Lovely stories. xxx

Caroline and Jayne said...

Great crafty products i especially love the bird...If you fancy sharing crafts why dont you pop along to our blog