Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Fun.

I can't believe that its a week ago since we were in Ypres and dodging the showers ! There were these beautiful Christmas trees all in a nice line in the main street, we couldn't resist a peeping out shot!!

There were a fair few market stalls in cute wooden huts, which was just as well because with regular stalls, the stall holders would have got soaked!

Madeline with her purchases.

The shops were beautiful, lots of specialist sweetie shops all brightly lit and very inviting!

Sandra and Sue found a stall with some pretty decorations, Sandra then went on to chat up the poor bloke who was trying to sell his goods to her!!

We were in Ypres when Sandra discovered that she could take photos with her phone, it was a revelation and from that point of she was shooting everything! This made me laugh, she was trying her hand at night shots on her phone, not the easiest of subject with a proper camera!!
How about this for 'Fairytale' Christmas? a mixture of story book and Chitti Chitti Bang Bang, with a dash of navy blue sky and a chilly wind. Perfect. I love this photo !!


Brodders said...

Looks gorgeous Lyzzy :)

Raymonde said...

The chocolate shop looks very tempting. Looks wonderful all around. xxx