Thursday, December 24, 2009

One More Sleep!

Beth has been busy baking all week, she has made several batches of shortbread , loads of fairy cakes and a fruit cake. The mixture for the shortbread was very soft, so it meant that she made some very unusual shapes, that didn't matter because they taste brilliant!!

I am at work today but I think everything is just about ready, we have friends around this evening so I have all the food sorted for that ready to cook when I get home. Dad is doing the turkey for tomorrow and I am doing the rest, all that is ready as well. I have left instructions for the delivery of the last couple of lots of presents and for someone to clean the bathroom, then we will be set.
Yesterday I had lunch at my friend from works house. It was lovely, we exchanged presents and my friend Steph made me an emergency car repair kit, she gave me a tool box containing engine oil a funnel, a poncho (for bad weather) and a bottle of coke to extinguish any fires!!! Best of all she gave me a Kath Kitson mug, I know how hard that was for her as she can't see the point of her designs AND she got it from John Lewis, a shop which we only ever walk through and never buy from!!
So off to work and then a few days off, Hurrah!!!!

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Jenn Jilks said...

She's beautiful! And well-trained!

I count it as one more vaccuum till my son & his GF arrive.
Floors washed, wine ready.

Christmas with one son around, at least. For the first time in 4 years! Usually we are alone. I am so happy!