Monday, May 17, 2010

Back to Work :0(

Today I started back to work. It seems like I have never been away. Its amazing how quickly a holiday starts to fade into the past! While on board the cost of using the Internet was a huge 50p a minute, so I prepared all my blog entries before going online and then I copied and paste them into blogger, I was usually able to post for a pound!!
Those of you that know me won't be surprised to learn that I took a fair few photos!! I am now sorting them out and will post a few each day now I have the time to explain them without using the whole of my bank balance to do so!!
The picture above was taken looking along the hand rail on deck 7, the promenade deck. This deck ran all around the ship and quite often you would see people walking around and around and around the deck, for their daily exercise. I did walk around it a fair few times, but quite often the wind was so strong and chilly it took my breath away!! (it got warmer once we got into the Med!)

This is a picture of the corridor outside my cabin. Its scary how the carpet disappears into infinity!!! One night I paced out how far it was from my cabin to the forward lifts which is where we had to go to get the lifts for the restaurant. It was 272 of my steps! What was amazing was that there was very little noise pollution from neighbouring cabins. The two old girls next door to me did have a problem getting their card key to work, but as they were going to bed generally at 10pm, it never caused too much of a problem!!

This is a picture of my cabin, although this was taken on the last morning and the steward had been in and changed the double bed into two singles. There was a bunk bed above the left hand bed. In the mirror you can see the cupboard that held the TV , the safe and the fridge. The door next to the cupboard is to the en suite loo and shower room. I found the cabin to be quite spacious, there was also a dressing table and a huge wardrobe. Every morning I switched on the TV to see what the weather was like on the on board web cam!!


Andrea said...

Glad you had a wonderful trip. Blessings,

Raymonde said...

I am glad you're back safely. Keep posting those photos, they are great and I feel as if I am part of the adventure. xxx