Thursday, May 06, 2010

Welcome to day 6. Today we are sailing to Italy, we have a day at sea and so far the weather has been disappointing, wet, raining, rough and really cold!! (sounds like home!)

Yesterday we arrived in Cartegena in Spain, it was a glorious day sunny and warm. We decided to make the most of the sun and sit up on deck and take the rays. We managed to charge up mums scooter with the help of a borrowed charger, so thats a relief!!

It was relaxed day by the afternoon I had had enough of the sun and decided to watch the afternoon 'blockbuster' which was Twilight 2, I have tried to read the books (which everyone seems to rave about) on several occasions, but I have never been able to get into them. I can say hand on heart that this film was awful. All the way through I kept thinking, I'll get up and leave, never quite got around to leaving!!The ending was pure pants as well. I had a good laugh with another lady who it seems was thinking like me throughout the whole process!!!

We were due to leave at 5pm, no big patriotic send off this time. I went to deck 7 and watched people returning and boarding the ship. At five past five there were still 10 people missing !! I would have left them, but they waited and by five twenty they had all crawled back. I watched the beautiful scenery as we slowly left Spain.

Because I had been in the cinema all afternoon I had to survive without lunch, when I got back to the cabin I found that mum and dad had ordered themselves room service, plates of sandwiches, crisps, cakes and tea. I spent the rest of the day telling them how mean they were not to get me anything, I did a really good job of teasing them about it. This morning I had to admit that I had been in a lft chatting to a man who had told me that he had just had a pile of barbeque spare ribs and chinese food. So I had popped into the buffet restaurant before the pictures. The ribs were gorgeous!!!

This morning we went up onto deck 14 to watch a master ice sculpter in action. The guy was brilliant, but we couldn't last the course, it was freezing on the open deck and there were splashes of rain. Because the sea was quite rough it had an effect on the water in the swimming pools, so the people sitting on the edge got soaked when we were through a particularly choppy bit!! We lasted for about three quarters of an hour outside and then gave in and went inside for a cuppa, we were frozen!

I have improved my knowledge on this trip, we went to a quiz where I found out that Frogs blink when they swallow,flies buzz in the key of F and disturbingly if Squid are depressed they comit suicide by consuming their own tentacles!! (who on earth did the research on that one???)

Check back for more thrilling tales from the Med!!!
Tomorrow Dad and I are taking a bus tour of Rome. We leave at 9.30am and should be back for around 2pm. (well you wouldn't want to miss lunch would you???) I hope the weather picks up, I am hoping to get some photos.


Life is Life said...

Sounds so great me and dad love the blog the Battle of the titans 3D is what we saw yestoday followed by mcdonalds !Yum! next door going on hoilday for the weekend ! take lots of pictures!!! missing you beth x x x x x

Raymonde said...

I love following you or is it stalking you in the Med. Carry on having a fab time.

Rome is beautiful hope the weather improves. xxx

suebaru said...

Yep, the New Moon film is dire, but I do love the books!Happy travelling!

Debbielou said...

Love the bit about the frogs !! Will tell Malc xx

Boo said...

I couldn't help laughing at photo of the abandoned sandals, with the flag sandwiched between them, that had been left on the little table!