Monday, May 03, 2010

Hello from the Med!!

Day one we arrived in Southampton, uneventful journey, easy traffic. At the departure point there were loads of helpful people, particularly helpful for those with limited mobility. so a wheel chair arrived for dad and we put together the scooter for mum. Had a little problem in that mumn couldn't find the tag for the car, but she eventually did. The nice man took the car (hope he was a nice man and not a passing car thief!!)

We were taken into the lounge and whisked through the proceedures. We werer shown aboard and taken to the Plaza restaurant for a help yourself buffet lunch. It was really busy as people didn't know where to go and the cabins were not ready.

Once the cabins were available we made our way down and found that 'most' of our suitcases had arrived. I unpacked mine (if the second one hadn't have arrived I would of been surviving on a collectioon of tee shirts and knickers and nothing else. ) I helped mum and dad unpack their stuff and put it all away. My cabin is an inside ine and is huge. a double and a single bed. I have moved a few bits around and its positively spacious. Mum and dad have a balcony but the lay out of the beds makes it impossible to get the scooter in the room, so I am storing that overnight for them.

The first night I was so exhausted I slept well, I think I had overdosed on food. The food is non stop. The first evening we went for our meal in the Adriatic restaurant it was fantastic, but there were so many courses.
After dinner we had a drink and tried to find our way around, we decided on an early night as we were all exhausted.

Day two still sailing away, very comfortable night. we had a buffet breakfast, decided to look at some of the things going on. We found corsage making and acupuncture, dad found a whist school and mum and I went to a make up demonstration. We lunched in the Adriatic and were faced with another 4 course meal only about 4 hours before the evening meal!!

Last night was formal night so we got togged up in all our finery to go to the Captains champagne reception, folowed by another flash dinner (Oxford gameTerrine, followed by soup, followed by Marco Pierre Whites take on rack of lamb, which really was fantastic, ended with strawberries, cream, almonds and warm chocolate biscuit......Stuffed)Just when we thought it was over they came and told us Port was on special offer, just £1.20 a glass, It would have been rude not to!!!

So what are my feelings about the whole experience??? Its all about food, how to last from one four course meal to another. It feels luxurious and now we have moved down the side of Spain the weather is glorious. We have sat on the balcony and we have had room service and I definately have a rosy glow to my skin!!


Jen said...

Sounds wonderful Liz! Make the most of every moment :)

Andrea said...

Thanks for sharing a part of your journey with us. Enjoy the food and the beauty of your surroundings.
Blessings, andrea

Brodders said...

Sounds Fab Lyzzy xx Enjoy x

Life is Life said...

Wow nan looks stunning those fellas on the boat r in for a treat!!!!! x x x x x look on my blog i will keep you informed

Maureen said...

yes, its sounds lovely!! Have a great time and can't wait to hear more!!

Raymonde said...

Thank you for keeping us updated, I really like following the cruise ship I think it's great.

By the way did I tell you my mother is also on a cruise in the Med, since today, she is embarking at Nice.

Have a super time looking forward to hearing all about it and seeing the photos. Your mum and dad look great.

Big hug. xxx

Debbielou said...

Great pictures ! Sounds as though you are having a great time - with room for at least 2 stowaways!

Rosy glow - Mmm Cheap port !!