Wednesday, May 19, 2010


The first port of call on holiday was Gibraltar, that land of apes and English money!! We arrived on a beautiful sunny morning. Dad and I went ashore with a mission to find a charger for mums scooter. That task caused me a lot of problems.
Mums scooter did not appear to be charging, it was clear that we could not have managed without a charger or scooter so we had been told that there was a shop in the main street that had electrical items and sold disability scooters, we had been told it was near to BHS. So I set off looking for it after installing dad in a cafe in the main square.
The weather was getting hotter by the minute, I was on a time limit, and I did the whole length of the main street without any luck. I went back to dad and tried the tourist info centre who gave me a leaflet that confirmed it was at the other end of Main street , so off I went again, this time I got to where it was supposed to be only to find a gas show room. The lady in there was very helpful and she called the place I was looking for, the man said he no longer had a shop Grrrrrr.
It later turned out that the charger was fine and working there was a glitch with the display on the scooter!

This is a view from the ship of a very built up Gibraltar, the famous rock is there in all its glory. They seem to be building loads of flats. Just to the left there is a runway, so all forms of transport are catered for!

This is one of the few shots of the Oceana that I have showing the 'pointy' end!! All of the ports had different arrival halls, this one was little more than a large shed!

This shot was taken just after we arrived, to me it feels like a scene from the film Pearl harbour!!
It was beautiful in an industrial sort of way!

Finally as well left Gibraltar we were treated to a fantastic sunset, one of many that we saw at sea on this trip. I love the colours and the way that little cloud is illuminated against the sky.
Good by Gibraltar.

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