Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Welcome to day 4,
Today we arrived in Gibraltar an outpost of Great Britain. Its a strange place people speak a mixture of English and Spanish, very friendly. Dad and I went into the town by a shuttle 'van' it wasn't too far. I was a woman with a mission. Wew had charged mums scooter two nights running and it was not actually charging, so we had been told that there was a place in the town that had wheel chairs and scooters so we thought that they might be able to help. The only problem was that no one could agree where it was. So I walked the whole length of the high street 4 times. Tonight my foot is playing up and we still don't have the charger repaired!! There are loads of people with scooters on board so we have started to ask around and have managed to borrow one for tomorrow so hopefully that will help!!

This morning before the trip into town we had breakfast, the special of the day was Gammon and Eggs, so I thought I would give that a go. I was presented with a huge plate of gammon and eggs and really didn't need anything else. Once we came back from the town we decided to sit up on deck 14, we have found a bit of a suntrap, near a bar and with a fantastic view of the coast. We dined on hamburger and chips, it was nice to have plain food !! (Its only day four and you'd be surprised at how much you miss tomato sandwiches!!)

We were due to leave Gibraltar at around 5pm, but the wind had changed direction and we were forced to have a couple of tugs tow us into the correct position. (You would have thought that an Important man like the Captain could have sorted that out for himself!!!)

Before leaving the port we were invited up to the Sundeck for a 'sailaway' party. We were all issued with Union Jack Flags and the entertainment crew whipped up the crowd with an assortment of patriotic songs...Land of Hope and Glory, Roll out the barrel, We'll keep a welcome in the hill side and Delilah (???) The whole thing was finished off as we sailed away with a rousing rendition of God Save The Queen!!! It was beyond bizarre. I have no idea what 'non British' people must have thought!!! I expect that the residents of Gibraltar were glad to see the back of us!!!

Tonight I have sat out on the promenade deck on one of those old fashioned wooden loungers and watched the sun go down over the hills of Gibraltar, it was spectactular!!!


Andrea said...

What fun!!

Raymonde said...

Tomato sandwich, really! xxx

Almost Normal said...

Sounds lovely!

Debbielou said...

Lyzzy - Sounds great fun! Make sure that you find yourself or me (!) a 102 year old millionaire.
Going to make a tomato sandwich in your honour - Miss you - Relax and enjoy yourself xx
PS Have been looking on the web cam but could only see the sea- try to stand in front of it or something !!

Life is Life said...

Wow sound good of corse u have to sing delihla

Jen said...

Tally ho! What jolly japes! Enjoy :)