Saturday, May 01, 2010

We are OFF!!!!

All aboard the Oceana!! There are Webcams onboard, so if you want to see where we are check it out HERE!!
I can hardly believe it but the day has finally arrived and we will shortly be setting off for Southampton. I have my bags packed and because you don't have to restrict yourself to one bag, I have got a bit wild and I have two suit cases and two carry on bags. I hope to be able to pop onto my blog as we go along.
The weather this morning is looking a bit dodgy, I still can't get over the feeling that I am going to be getting onto a ferry !! I need to set my sights a bit higher!!
I have been up since six, which is a very unusual occurrence for me. I wanted to get the washing sorted before I left, it'll be down to Tom next week to make sure the uniforms are done, I just wanted to make sure that they were done this week!!!
So see you all soon, I'll keep in touch.


Brodders said...

enjoy and lets hope your fingers dont get too sore with picking up the jigsaw pieces :)

Life is Life said...

HAve fun mumsie