Thursday, May 20, 2010


When you take a trip on a ship, most of the time you are surrounded by water. Lots and lots of water, so that leads to lots of photos of water. The other fact is that arrival at a new port is usually in the early morning when the sun is rising and departure is in the early evening when the sun is setting. So I have lots of photos of sunrises and sunsets!
The photo above was taken as we were coming into 'dock' in Cannes. I love the look of the mist rolling off of the hills.

All the above photos are of sunsets as we left various port. I particularly like the last photo it seems to sum up the lazy life aboard a cruise ship.
I am looking forward to this weekend, we have friends coming over for dinner on Saturday and I am going to attempt to decided which photos I want to print for scrapping, Happy Days!!


Andrea said...

Happy scrap-booking!
Blessings, andrea

Jenn Jilks said...

Beautiful shots, Lizzy! Never been on a cruise, not that I complain as I live on a lake in My Muskoka ! Thanks for sharing yours!