Thursday, May 27, 2010

A New Life Guard!

Beth is following in her brothers footsteps. She started last year to train as a lifeguard and on Tuesday evening she passed her Bronze Medallion and Life Support 1 award. We are so pleased for her. She had left primary school as a very strong swimmer and one of the few in her class who failed to gain the Silver waterman ship award. This was due to her failure to dive down and pick a brick off of the bottom of the pool. This past year she has worked hard and over come that problem.
So now with the Bronze Medallion firmly in her hand, she will be able to work a few hours down at the school pool. Carl used to do this and still occasionally helps out. Beth is so excited that she will be able to do the same!! I think she already has plans for any money she earns.
She is continuing with her training and will practice for her award of merit.


Raymonde said...

Well done Beth! You go girl. Big hug. xxx

Andrea said...

Awesome! Great job, Beth!

Maureen said...

Great news for Beth! And Lizzy - have loved looking at your pics of the cruise....looks like you had a wonderful time!

suebaru said...

Might see Beth soon then .Holly has a party to go to at the pool in a few weeks!