Thursday, September 23, 2010

Finished Cup Cakes.

I have now finished off a whole batch of beads, including some with flat icing and a few doughnuts. They are great for taking your mind off of things you can sit down do them and the next thing you know its three hours later. The next thing is what shall I make with them?  That could be another few evenings lost!!!
I need to think up some new designs!!
I like the dough nuts, but they are fiddly. These are real close up shots so if you look carefully you can see my fingers prints!! (these are not obvious in the flesh!!!)


Almost Normal said...

Gorgeous! You're getting so good at these! :)

domestic goddess said...

these are lovely Lizzy!!

Shirley said...

Now I neeed to go buy more Fimo! I espy a new craze for me!