Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Little bit of Greek!

Last night I have a very welcome evening out with my friend Karen, known in this house as 'Karen over the road' !!! Karen is passionate about Corfu, a place where she has been on holiday to for the past  30 years. When we decided to go out for a bite to eat and a catch up chat, we decided to go Greek.
This was a bit of a departure for me as I have never really 'done' much in the way of Greek food. On Karen's advice we tried the Meze. The waiter bought us lots of bowls of different foods and I tried stuff that I have never eaten before. For one, Aubergine, which was made into a very nice dish with a sauce and it very tasty. Number two was my all time hated vegetable, beetroot. I had tried it once as a kid and thought it tasted like eating mud. The one last night was pickled and in a sweet tasting sauce and was absolutely fine, in fact it tasted of the sauce and not really of beetroot. I did draw the line at calamari!!
It was nice to catch up again, we live so close but have to make the effort to go out or we are like ships that pass in the night!!!

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