Saturday, September 18, 2010

Moving Along

This has been a week of action. At last things have started to happen at Mum and Dads, the cleaning company has arrived and they have started on the mammoth task of listing and boxing things up to take away to clean. Its unbelievable just what a huge job it is. That said it is happening. The kitchen has been sealed off after they identified a low risk from asbestos which is in the artex in the ceiling.
They start again Monday when they face the horrible job of removing the freezer which by now must contain food which is 20 days old and no longer frozen!!
Mum and Dad seem settled at the hotel so I hope that the repair of the house doesn't take forever. The next step is on Tuesday when the carpet man arrives to measure up and sort out what they want as a replacement.
Once they can get the kitchen out I think we will be able to see the end in sight.
Today I have finally finished all of my Cruise scrapping, Its take a whole scrapbook to do all the photos. I have again decided to do plain and simple, but I am happy with the outcome.
I have also made some more beads, this time using Sculpy which is like fimo but somehow seems easier to use. I will have to take some photos of them when I have decided what to do them.

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