Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Moving Along.

This week I have been very busy during the day, not getting home until late. Things around Mum and Dads are finally making progress that you can see. There is still a huge skip outside which is laden with all sorts including stuff that has never been in mum and dads house. Who can resist a skip going begging??The carpets and furniture have gone. The rooms are now mainly empty this work surface is waiting to go outside, you can see the black soot marks that don't shift!!
All the walls upstairs have been washed down, but they are still black and horrible looking. When the painters start they will have to do two coats of sealant before the start on the painting proper.
It looks like the bathroom is also a casualty so that will add to the delay. Still progress is now noticeable and I am hoping they will be in before Christmas.
I have also had another exciting occurrence, my recycling and ordinary bins have been emptied twice and I have not had to call the council once to make that happen. Its some sort of record, all records have to start somewhere and perhaps this is the start of mine!!
So the rest of the week is set up to be as busy, at the weekend I am going to make something with my cupcake beads, I just need inspiration!!!

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