Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Tardis.

I have finally got around to taking a picture of our new garden feature, a Dr Who Tardis as modeled by Beth!! Its proving quite useful at the moment.
Today we went to Georgies birthday party which was at ArtShed in Ware. Beth and the other party goers made beautiful charm bracelets. It helped that Beth had done it before because it was quite hard to get the hang of. In the end she produced a really pretty bracelet with pretty glass crackle beads and glass stars.
I really think she has a knack for it.
I will have to photograph it for later in the week.
Tonight we went around to Mum and Dads with dad to feed the chickens. Laura and Beth took a look in to see how things are going. This is the bathroom, no real physical damage but look at the smoke damage!! It looks like they have never cleaned.
The cleaning people have been in and started to box up the contents, they have also carried out test 'cleaning' patches all over the place, it really shows just how filthy everywhere is. I just wish it would move on quickly so they can get back in there.

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