Saturday, September 11, 2010


Well this week has been a busy one, loads to do and sort out. Its been unsettling as we have had to move Mum and Dad to a new hotel and we have taken delivery of a shiny 'Portaloo' for the back garden!!
The first 5 nights were spent at one hotel, but then they run out of space and Mum and Dad weren't all that keen on the room. So we arranged for them to move into the Premier Inn at Stanborough. The staff there have been brilliant, nothing is too much trouble and they offer assistance and reassurance 24 hours a day! I must say that we have been very impressed with all they have done. The room is lovely and very spacious. They have even moved a couple of arm chairs in to make it more comfortable.
Mum and Dad are spending a good part of the day at our home and its quite a novelty to have dinner ready when I get home from work!!
The loss adjuster seems to be awfully slow and we have had trouble getting him to pay out and generally help out with the financial issues. This has put a huge amount of strain on all of us. It has meant that we are only able to book a week at a time which makes them feel as if they are likely to be homeless if no money comes through. This in turn has upset Mum in particular. Its been a tough week. Finally yesterday we have got an agreement from the loss adjuster to pay for the accommodation and out of pocket expenses, about time too. Its something that I will take up with the insurers once this is over, its unreasonable to expect people to manage for in excess of 12 days (which is what it will be on Monday) without ANY financial assistance, when all they had was the clothes they were wearing.
Yesterday we also heard that they had finally made arrangements for the cleaning company to come in next Monday and start the boxing up and throwing away of damaged stuff. I think once that starts we will see things start to move on. They estimate that the cleaning will take around a week. Fingers crossed.

I too have some cleaning that needs sorting out. I have been doing a fair bit of crafting in my spare time and my scrap booking table is covered in junk and I can't find anything!I need to spent some time trying to get that sorted out as well. I am pleased that I am finally onto scrapping my cruise photos, I feel like I am finally catching up.
My craft tote is stuffed full and completely full of junk, so that needs doing as well.Its much easier to work if its clean and clear.
Have a great weekend.

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Sue said...

So Sorry darling . Hope family is able to move back as soon as possible . What a dreadful expirence . so glad no one was hurt xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx