Monday, September 13, 2010

I want one.

I have a lot of craft stuff and I find that I end up using the same stuff because its too much of a faff to get the other 'stuff' out. That and the fact that I can't find it when I want it. For years they have had this style of storage system in the States and now it has finally made it over here. This looks perfect it opens up to a whopping 108 inches wide it has LOADS of see through canvas drawers, shelves, a collapsible table and places to hang things. Best of all it packs away afterwards and looks like a wardrobe. It would be a huge improvement on what I have now and it might mean I have half a chance of actually using some of the stuff as I would be able to find it.
The down side and there always is one, is the price, £900. perhaps I need to wait a while until it comes down in price....
Happy Monday one and all!!

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Jeanne/Shelle86 said...

OMG... I want one to!!!! Went by your blog, and wanted to say Hello. My english isnt that great, but I hope you know a "Hallo" when you See/hear one ;)