Friday, September 24, 2010

The Weekend!!

Its that time of year again, Audtions were held last week for the next Christmas production at the Barn Theatre - The Snow Queen. Beth was keen to take part in this one so we went along to the auditions and she joined in with the reading.
She was in Pinocchio a couple of Christmas' ago and had great fun. It was very hard work with lots of shows in the run. This year there are fewer shows, which should make it easier. Any how we have just heard that she has secured the role of Ice Maiden, which we are very pleased with, it sounds like it should be a role that will have a fantastic costume and beautiful make up. We are so pleased for her!!
This weekend mum and dad have to start looking for furniture for their house. Things have moved on there, during the week their furniture has been removed and taken away by skip, all the rooms apart from the kitchen have been washed down in preparation for the painting. Carpets gone, its just about a shell now apart from the kitchen, which is still sealed off waiting for the removal by specialists as traces of asbestos have been found (from the Artex in the ceiling) It feels like things are really happening now. There have been a succession of trades men throughout the week, carpet estimator, man to replace the stair lift, company to do the painting and decorating, the double glazing man, a non stop run of people measuring up. Once the kitchen is out I will feel like we are really on the home straight!!!!


Raymonde said...

Well done Beth on getting the part of the Ice Maiden.

Good news on how things are progressing with your parents' house.

Take care. xxx

Almost Normal said...

That's great news all around. :)

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Berth I a so pleased for you