Sunday, October 03, 2010


Today I went to a Gem, Rock and Bead show at Hatfield House. I wasn't really sure what to expect, It turned out to be rather good. Its certainly a group of people that I have not mixed with before!! They were all very passionate about their own variety of rocks, there were possibly thousands to choose from. I was more interested in the beads. I was wearing my troll beads on a necklace and so many people commented on it being colourful and pretty! A lot of the stones were very expensive and the stall holders were obviously very passionate about their goods. I could have bought brilliant cut diamonds, rubies and sapphires. At the other end of the scale there were pretty pink agates and tigers eyes. In the end I bought some red coral beads, pink agate beads and some very pretty sparkly quartz beads. I just have to think what to do with them now!!!
I have been playing with my beads and trying out some different combinations. The good thing about beading is that if you don't like it the only thing wasted is a head pin or two. I still have some playing to do with the above design, but I am making progress!

I have wanted to try wire wrapping for a while, again another prototype just to try out the technique. I think I will like this, although there is  quite a bit of forward planning required to make sure there is enough wire and its in the right place!!

Finally I have finished the Fimo Ice cream cones, Still not sure what I will make these into, I'll keep playing with them until I decide. The first picture has a selection of beads, I really love the bright blue colour and stringing them on waxed cord means I can swap them around when I get fed up with them!!


Raymonde said...

Are you making to order? They are so cute the icecream cone!

Take care. xxx

Sue said...

WOW that wrapped bead is so clever! They are all lovely.