Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wakey Wakey rise and shine!!!

After a late night last night we had a rude awakening this morning!! We had been to see the 'world famous' Bob Jackson at Disneys Port Orleans resort with the other not so world famous Jacksons. It had been a night of laughter and dancing and general fool making. You should try saying 'Sarah, Sarah sitting in a Chevrolet. All day long she sits and shifts all night long she shines and sits' when you are on the wrong side of half a bottle of sparkling wine (with extra sparkles for Deb!!!) Malc and Tom went on to entertain the whole place with their horse riding and dying fly antics. The plus point is that it wasn't our hotel heavens knows how Malc and Deb will be able to show their faces again!!!
So after all of that and not getting to bed until gone one we were rudely awakened by the hotel fire alarm at 7 this morning. First of all it was hard to know what was happening but the din was incredible and Sion everyone was making their way down the emergency stairs to the exits. I witnessed a bizarre assortment of night wear all assembled on the car park. The brigade turned up and saved the day. Turns out a darling little boy played with the alarm in the dining room setting everything off. Once we were allowed back in we returned to our rooms only to have the same happen again! We gave up and when back on for the second time went to breakfast with loads of folk who were still in their pjs !!!
The rest if the day we have been shopping tinight we are going to downtown Kissimmee to see the vintage car parade.

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